Currently New York based, Yin Han Zoe Yang, aka YEOZ, comes from Tainan, Taiwan. Inspired by the12-year violin training and various masterpieces from pioneers of film music, after graduating from master's in music composition of visual media in San Francisco, she started to collaborate with film directors, animators, and game designers. 
In 2015, after moving to New York, Zoe took a leap of faith by collaborating with choreographers around the world. Despite the whole different working process, sparks, as well as challenges have brought out the whole new sounds. The music pieces have also been, therefore, presented live with another form of art.
"For sound, there's no rule."
For Zoe, nature, observation, and life experiences are where the sounds and ideas are; therefore, she emphasizes ambience in music pieces. In other words, "sound is another form of music." Thus, you hear not the orchestral rules but simple consonance in Zoe's pieces that create scenes.

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Former works feature on:
- Choreography - 
《 〆 Shime 》 
Collaborators/ Dancer: Suzuka Matsumoto / 
Yuriko Hiroura

(Premier: 02/2021, Dance Box, Kobe, Japan)

《 One Up 》 
(Premier: 09/26/2020,JCAL, New York)

     《 Star Tracks and Collapsar 》 
(Premier: 09/16/2018, Queens museum, New York)

《 Narcosis 》 
(Premier: 12/01/2018, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taiwan) 

- Other visuals -
Narcosis (VR Dance Film, 2021)

Narcosis (Full-length Dance Film, 2020)

LGBT Love stories (Featured Film, 2016)

Time is Art (Documentary, 2015)