Music for dance
Music & Sound collaborations・with movements
Music.Sound x contemporary dance
Debut: 7:30 pm  10/20/2019
Queens Museum, New York
Choreography by: Guanglei Hui (Crossmove Lab)
Project concept: ACP World Priemere
Music.Sound x contemporary dance
群島藝術園區 Islands, Taichung, Taiwan
Choreography by: InTW舞影工作室
Project concept: InTW x 臺中群島

Videographer: Yuriko Hiroura

Edit: Hsiao-Wei Hsieh (Intw)

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Music.Sound x New media x Contemporary dance
Debut: 09/16/2018
Queens Museum, New York
Choreography by: Yahui Lu & Guanglei Hui (Cross Move Lab)​​​​​​​
Visual Design: Sha Huang
Videographer: Sha Huang
Edit: Cross Move Lab
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Music.Sound x Contemporary dance
Debut: 10/26/2017
Jack Crystal Theater, NYU Tisch, New York
Choreography by: Yuriko Hiroura, Yasmin Schönmann (Y+Y Dance)