2020 - New Projects
- C O M I N G   S O O N -
 "Narcosis" (2020) 
- Full-length video -
 Dance x Music x Land End of October, 2020 - Coming soon. 
Choreographed by: InTW
Music: "Contradictio" by YEOZ / Yin-Han Zoe Yang
- N E W   S I N G L E   R E L E A S E -
3rd Single・ 2020
Others: On-going Projects
- S O N U D    B L O G - 
- S M A L L   S C E N E   S E R I E S -
Telling short virtual stories thru music & sound
- Current :#12 - 
"City Mood・Rainy Day"
What did you hear?
Video · Music: YEOZ 
"Rainy Days":
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